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Double Side Planer MB204B/MB206B


    Cast iron housing frame, stable and shock absorption, NC machine center machined, provided a better foundation for cutting and feeding.
    Specially and precisely processed main spindle with high precision imported bearings, provided a strong and healthy heart for the machine.
    Suspended hoding claws on feeding track, accommodated different thickness or bending of materials, provided powerful feeding capacity.

    Equipped with manual and automatic fine-adjustment on top cutter shaft, barrels and feeding units, quick and accurate positioning.
    Linkage top and bottom feeding barrels, balanced and powerful feeding capacity.




Top and bottom active feeding barrels structure with an overload protection, feeding more powerful and stable.


Equipped with short material processing device, insured smooth short pieces processing, improve waste wood utilization.


Imported main governor equipped with high torque reduction worm gear box, variable feeding speed adjustment to accommodate the actual demand of wood processing.


Heavy-duty gray cast iron housing frame and working table, through aging treatments and precise machining, provided better shock absorption and high accuracy.


    Feeding mechanism up and down fine adjustment, up to 10mm, highly improved processing accuracy, feeding more powerful.






     Max. working width

     430 mm

     630 mm

     Max. working thickness

     120 mm

     150 mm

     Min. working length

     260 mm

     260 mm

     Max.cutting depth(upper spindle)

     10 mm

     7 mm

     Max. cutting depth(bottom spindle)

     8 mm

     5 mm

     Tool cutting circle diameter

     101 mm

     101 mm

     Spindle speed

     5000 r/min

     4800 r/min

     Feed speed

     4-16 m/min

     4-16 m/min

     Upper&bottomspindle motor

     7.5+5.5 kw

     11+7.5 kw

     Feed motor

     2.2 kw

     3 kw

     Total power

     15.2 kw

     21.5 kw

     Dust exit

     120x1 150x1

     120x1 150x1

     Net weight

     1860 kg

     2500 kg

     Overall dimensions

     2250x850x1700 mm

     2250x1180x1700 mm