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6 row multi head boring machine MZB73216


    Removable vertical drill rows, precision Italian gear and rack transmission, and germanypositioning digital display with “clear” and “reset” function.
    Angular air lock of vertical drill rows, convenient and efficiency.
    German linear guides, Taiwanese drill rows.
    Adjustment vertical drill rows drilling stroke(declining height,) better efficiency.
    Buffered function of the drill rows feeding avoided materials bulging out while at blind hole drilling.







     Max. Drilling Dia

     15 mm

     Max. Vertical Drilling Depth

     55 mm

     Max. Horizontal Drilling Depth

     40 mm

     Minimum distance between two centre of vertical drill rows

     170 mm

     Number of Spindles


     Max. working length

     2500 mm

     Min. working length

     240 mm

     Distance between two spindles

     32 mm

     Spindle speed

     2840 mm

     Feeding speed

     60 m/min

     Total power

     12.54 kw

     Air consumption

     0.6 MPa

     Net weight

     1970 kg

     Overall dimensions

     4400x1700x1600 mm