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Automatic boring line

    Patented product, the very 1st creation in China.
    Automatic loading, feeding, drilling, unloading and piling up working pieces.
    Not only worked by single unit with automatic loading and unloading, but also linkage with other drilling machines drilling the side, top and bottom holes in one shot.
    High efficiency: process 13 pieces of board per minute by connective drilling.
    Ease labor intensity: loading and unloading automatically。





    Order mode
    1. Single machine (top-drilling and top-bottom drilling) with automatic loading and unloading device.
    2. Linkage multiple machines with automatic loading and unloading device.
    3. The number of drill rows, for example: 2 rows on the side, 4 rows on bottom and 4 rows on top.




 1Automatic loading and unloading standard height 640mm.(custom-made needed for higher than640mm)

 2Automatic loading and unloading maximum width800mm

 3Automatic loading and unloading maximum length2500mm

 4Automatic loading and unloading minimum width160mm

 5Automatic loading and unloading minimum length200mm

 6Process 13 pieces of board per minute for automatic loading, feeding, drilling and unloading.