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CNC Double-End Tenoner MSZ2000

      Precise NC Tenoning    Double-End High Efficient Processing    Man-Machine Interactive

    Recommend Brand-Name Products Of China National Forestry Machinery Association


    Digital control system, easy to operate. Use for variable tenons.  Stepless cutter feeding speed. German guide rail. Suitable for automatic production line.

  • Our company owns several local and international patents, and Initiate in China.

  • Main accessories are all imported; stable and reliable.

  • Precisely CNC machining processing key parts, insure the body frame and spindle sleeve fixed exactly.
  • Automatic feeding, double-end tenoning;  high efficiency , low labor force.
  • Manual adjustment of the tenoning specification; more safe and convenient.
  • Main body with original German made ball screw provide smooth drive, free adjustable augmenter, longer service life.
  • German ball screw, durable and feeding smooth.



    Cutter speed


    Max.working length


    Min.working length


    Max.working thickness


    Max.working width


    Max.tenon length


    Vertical tilting

      +45  -  -13

    Horizontal tilting

     + 10  -  -23

    Main spindle motor power


    Total power


    Dust exit


    Air consumption


    Net weight


    Machine dimension