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CNC machining centers MK325





High efficiency: double tables four working stations Ideal for high precision high productively, especially for customize cabinet and odd workpiece. HSD electric spindle Advanced digital control system, user friendly human-machine interface, independent drill, saw, mill program, easy to program. System controlled 8 knives magazine, complex program is available.
Only 1-2 days of training that is required.
Equipped with Italy HSD electric spindle, HSD saw/drill combined bag, imported vacuum pump , automatic lubrication system, German ball screw , imported pneumatic components.


    Drilling & sawing unit can make cutting , trimming, drilling and multi-step processing.


    Inductive safety device, infrared induction, avoid injuries.



Vacuum table without tube, it makes use of the vacuum absorption to ensure the stability of the processing.


     Advance numerical control system, user friendly human-machine interface





     Max. working range

     3250x1500x100 mm

     Min. working range

     125x75 mm

     X-axis Max.moving speed (idling)

     80 m/min

     Y-axis Max.moving speed (idling)

     50 m/min

     Drilling, saw, Milling Max. moving speed

     15 m/min

     Max. working speed

     15 m/min

     Milling spindle speed

     24000 r/min

     Drilling &sawing spindle speed

     4275 r/min

     Milling spindle power

     12 kw

     Drilling & sawing spindle power

     1.7 kw

     Air consumption

     0.6 MPa

     Vacuum pump

     100 mbar; 3.6 kw

     Vacuum suction

     140x115x50 mm; 125x75x50 mm


     4.5 T

     Electrical box dimension

     1000X1000 mm

     Guard bar

     6000x4000 mm

     Total power

     26 kw